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Is THE leading provider of cloud services to small and mid-sized businesses for a full range of computers and mobile devices.

We offer:

  • Microsoft hosted Exchange Email
  • File Management
  • Security
  • Backup... and so much more...

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Customer-Driven first and foremost, Link2TheCloud, a division of Seacoast Telecom, is committed to client satisfaction. We call ourselves “customer-driven” because it is our mission to identify, understand, and anticipate our clients’ needs, then deliver quality solutions that effectively address those needs. And we do it with a smile! 

As Link2TheCloud founder Steve Viel is fond of saying, “Why should you work with us? Because we’re just nicer people to do business with!”

Diversity of Expertise: Link2TheCloud recognizes the variety of talents and skills required to build a successful organization. This is why we seek out and foster the growth of professionals with a range of skills. It is this diversity that allows us to provide the full spectrum of technology services we offer today. As much as we are a technical company comprised of computers and wires, we ultimately operate in a knowledge-based industry. This understanding makes Link2TheCloud an ideal company to work with and for.

Old-Fashioned Business Sense: Like anyone else in business, Link2TheCloud is providing a service. We understand that the hype surrounding new technologies -- like the Internet -- can be distracting, even off-putting. Although we have been pioneers in introducing new technology services, from voice mail to high-speed wireless access, we are careful not to get caught up in our own hoopla. We are an independently owned, local company built on old-fashioned business principles. We’re self-funded and growing organically by reinvesting in the company as well as by making informed strategic acquisitions. Needless to say, our clients appreciate that we bring this brand of Yankee pragmatism and thrift to the table on their projects, too.


We believe that the Internet and its attendant technologies have fundamentally changed traditional business practices and our day-to-day lives for the better. What’s more, we understand that the Internet will continue to have significant impact in the years ahead. Internet technologies have the potential to drive human culture and ingenuity forward -- faster and more effectively than any other medium. Because it has the power to instantaneously distribute information and new ideas across the world, this technology can bring individuals and groups together to work toward common goals. This is why we always strive to make it easier, more cost-effective, and more enjoyable for people to use the Internet.


Link2TheCloud maintains basic corporate doctrines in all of its professional relationships:
  • Conduct business in a courteous, kind, and thrifty manner.
  • Be helpful and constructive when working with clients and implementing solutions on their behalf.
  • Provide customers with the best and most complete solutions for their particular needs.

Think of us as the trusted gurus you can turn to for sound, friendly advice. The solutions we recommend and implement will always stress simplicity, speed of delivery, and adherence to agreed-upon budgets. We closely follow our finely tuned standard operating procedures and business practices. We aim to provide real value for our customers, whether they are individual dial-up Internet users or multimillion-dollar corporations implementing complex web applications.

Moreover, Link2TheCloud values the success of its clients at a fundamental level — their success is our success! We do this in part by developing long-term business relationships with them. We advise them honestly, always considering the impact of new ideas on their bottom line.


Seacoast Telecom was cooperatively founded in November 1990 and officially incorporated in 1991 by Stephen P. Viel and Ernest Ellsworth. Formerly known as The TeleConnection (TTLC), the company originally operated as a voice mail service bureau and served as the east coast training center for the Franchisor, Pyravision, of Los Angeles, CA.

In August of 1996, Seacoast Telecom entered the Internet industry and accepted Ken McDavitt as a full, equal stockholder and business partner. Recognizing the need to diversify product offerings to meet the evolving needs of its clients, Seacoast Telecom formed an Information Technology (IT) Solutions division in 1996.

While enjoying rapid growth it in its first 5 years of offering Internet and Information Technology services, Seacoast Telecom acquired a number of small Internet dial-up and web hosting companies to add to its subscriber base. One of the most important acquisitions was that of NorthEast Internet Publishing, Inc. (NEIP) in May 2001. NEIP founders Sheyne Branconnier and Matthew Palis have brought professional web development, marketing, sales, and senior management skills to Seacoast Telecom.

Our goal has always been to provide customers with the best and most complete solutions for their particular business and personal needs. As we continue to grow and evolve, we will continue to work to advance this mission over time.


Ken McDavitt
Board of Directors

Stephen Viel
Board of Directors

Ian Rivard
Directory of Technology
Board of Directors 

Sheyne R Branconnier
Director of Business Development
Board of Directors 

Matthew W. Palis III
Board of Directors

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About Us

Link2TheCloud is the trademark brand of Seacoast Telecom, a 23+ year Telecom and Cloud Service Provider based in New England, featuring hosted business communication, collaboration, and IT solutions to businesses of all sizes.


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