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Backup Agent-Reseller Programs

Profit from offering a hosted Cloud Backup Service

With BackupAgent SaaS you can cater for the growing demand for reliable backup processes and a proper management of these processes. With BackupAgent SaaS, you can offer an end-to-end backup solution to your customers without having to invest in infrastructure!

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Key Features


The BackupAgent architecture enables you to create multiple levels in your backup service. You can create groups for your resellers, who can sell the backup service as their own. Each level (tenant) is fully private label which makes your backup service commercially extremely scalable.

Private label

BackupAgent allows you to brand the software. Most of our partners want to give their customers a ‘single supplier experience’, therefore we provide partners with extensive branding options.


BackupAgent uses excellent security techniques to ensure that backup data is 100% private and not accessible to anyone but the end-user. BackupAgent offers AES 256-bits encryption with a private key and transmission over SSL.

Pay as you go

BackupAgent’s flexible Reseller pricing model offers you a low entry and allows you to make profit as soon as you start the service. The idea is fairly simple: you only pay for the licenses that you are using, without further commitments.

Guaranteed data protection

BackupAgent uses high-end storage equipment, which is located in physically secured datacenters. Due to an extensive SLA your customers can always access their backed up data.


Since cloud backup as a real good supplement for an existing service package, BackupAgent is eager to simplify implementation with existing infrastructures. BackupAgent allows seamless integration based on our Open API (XML).

Freemium or Trial Accounts

BackupAgent can automatically generate Freemium and Trial Accounts for potential users. This functionality provides you with a strong marketing tool to get your prospects into using the software. Once they’re hooked to this, it is an easy conversion into paying customers.

SMB Features
  • Windows, Mac & Linux support
  • MS Exchange Server backup
  • MS SQL Server backup
  • MySQL database backup
  • Open file backup
  • 256-bits AES encryption
  • Seed-load technology
  • Pre & post scripts
  • Web access to backed up files
  • 16 languages supported

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