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BlackBerry Exchange Server

By combining the convenience of a Blackberry handheld mobile device with the features of a Microsoft Exchange server, at Link2Exchange, we provide the ultimate in remote business communication. With access to everything you could possibly need to function out of the office, the Blackberry Exchange server can change the face of your business by making a desktop computer and office obsolete.

A traditional employee needs desktop access to calendars, contact lists, email, Internet browsing and a phone with voice mail. Now Blackberry can offer all of that in a handheld device with advanced features provided by the Exchange server. Use Microsoft Outlook Exchange features to combine contact lists with other employees or schedule meetings without a fear of conflicts by accessing group calendars.

Get Access to the Blackberry Exchange Server from Anywhere
Different time zones, commuter trains, or airports on the other side of the world don't affect the access that our Link2Exchange customers have when using a Blackberry with Exchange server capabilities. You can send text messages and emails, make phone calls or access updated information from your desktop at the office, all in real time.

Connect with colleagues and clients without leaving your house. No matter where you are, you have the access you need to get the job done. The advantage of using the Blackberry Exchange Server is that work is not limited to the office or to office hours. A mobile professional knows no limits to his or her business world and at Link2Exchange, we don't recognize limits when it comes to customer service either! Please contact us at 888.509.8555 in the U.S., 020.8150.6915 in the U.K., and 00.1.603.742.1959 internationally to get started.

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