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Email Backup

With the amount of laws and regulations placed on businesses regarding the disclosure of business practices, you can't afford not to have an email backup system in place. At Link2Exchange, we recognize the value and importance of email backup and offer an archive package that best suits the needs of you and your company.

With archived email, you are able to back-up and organize your email files while also making them available for search and retrieval--ideal for audits or legal discovery purposes. In addition, storing emails with us offers you the technical support that you wouldn't have available in your own small business, all at no extra charge.

How Email Backup Saves You Time in the Workplace
The more successful your business becomes, the number emails being sent and received each day will increase. When you need to find a piece of communication, most people don't have the search capabilities that we can offer with our email backup services. Trying to recover emails from a standard server can be time-consuming and difficult. In some cases, it can take the expertise of tech support.

Using Link2Exchange takes the responsibility out of your hands and puts it into ours, giving you more time to spend with your clients and customers. Just like you are an expert in your field and supply a quality product and service, we take pride in being able to offer you with a reliable email backup system and outstanding service. Please contact us at 888.509.8555 in the U.S., 020.8150.6915 in the U.K., and 00.1.603.742.1959 internationally to find out more details.

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