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Hosted Microsoft Exchange Servers

Wireless business communication has come a long way. From the pager and beeper to the cell phone and now the wireless mobile device, each advancement has allowed business to progress a little more. Now, hosted Microsoft Exchange servers are the next step in business access and communication. Exchange allows workers to reach the goal of all business communication: to have everything that is available in a traditional office setting and more.

A business person on the go needs access to his or her email, voicemail, and internet browsing capabilities as well as contact lists and calendars. Hosted Microsoft Exchange servers like those at Link2Exchange are the answer to that problem. Providing reliable service from on off-site server, Link2Exchange gives you the power that was previously only available in an office setting.

The Link2Exchange Difference with Hosted Microsoft Exchange Servers
While most people will see a mobile professional as independent of the office, the truth is that with hosted Microsoft Exchange servers, he or she is more connected than ever before. That's because with Outlook sharing opportunities, employees are connected through shared calendars and contact lists and through real-time remote contact via their wireless devices.

At Link2Exchange, we understand that there are concerns with using off-site servers. That's why we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee and provide month-to-month payment options to keep you out of binding contracts. We're confident that you'll be happy with our service and security, and we're priced to keep you that way. Please call us at 888.509.8555 in the U.S., 020.8150.6915 in the U.K., and 00.1.603.742.1959 internationally to get started.


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