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Outlook Backup

Many individuals are lost without access to their personal e-mail accounts. Losing their contact lists or important e-mail messages would be traumatic. The level of loss is much higher on a business level, where e-mail serves as a business lifeline. Losing important e-mail information and contacts could wreak more than just emotional havoc. Without a backup plan, you could lose business contacts, orders, and money as well.

Backing up your Outlook data can prove time consuming, especially if you are dealing with the data of multiple users. However, you cannot afford to avoid backup tasks, since doing so could end in the loss of the schedules, contact lists, and e-mail of several employees or team members. At Link2Exchange, we want you to have the time to focus on other aspects of your business, secure in the knowledge that your Outlook files are safe and sound. To this end, we handle the backup of Outlook data on all of our hosted Exchange accounts.

Effortless Outlook Backup
While working in Outlook, Link2Exchange servers record your changes in real-time, providing instant back-up as you work. For disaster recovery purposes, Link2Exchange also backs up the Outlook data from all your users ever night, and retains this data for seven days. Thanks to this service--provided free with your hosted Exchange account--you'll never have to worry about losing critical Outlook information.

To obtain more information about hosted Exchange and Outlook backups, write to us at Link2Exchange. You may also call us in the United States at 888.509.8555 or in the United Kingdom at 020.8150.6915. International callers may reach us at 00.1.603.742.1959. We'd love to speak to you!

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