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Outlook Collaboration

Until now, you may have viewed Outlook as a handy tool for sending and receiving e-mail. You may have considered it just the thing for keeping your contacts updated and organized. You may also have noticed the value of Outlook for keeping a calendar. However, we at Link2Exchange want to make you aware that you haven't breached the surface of Outlook's features until you take advantage of it as a collaboration tool.

Consider how beneficial Outlook can be when used by just one person. Now, quadruple its benefit by using it with a team or even an entire company. Imagine sharing Outlook e-mail, calendars, notes, tasks, and files with ease. Picture having Outlook set up for access from any location around the world. With Outlook collaboration, you and your team can contribute to vital information from opposite parts of the world. If a schedule changes or an important e-mail is received, you'll know it right away with Outlook collaboration. Need access to an important file that is shared with a colleague? Accessing it is a breeze with Outlook collaboration.

Experience Affordable Outlook Collaboration
Utilizing Outlook as a valuable collaboration tool isn't difficult. You just need a Link2Exchange hosted Exchange account. Without purchasing expensive hardware, you can share and access Outlook, enjoying all it has to offer.

Get the details about Outlook collaboration with hosted Exchange. Call us at Link2Exchange to discuss it in the United States at 888.509.8555, in the United Kingdom at 020.8150.6915, or from any other location at 00.1.603.742.1959. We are also pleased to receive questions and comments by e-mail.

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