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Outlook Data Backup

Imagine a sunny morning. You wake up ready to start your day. As you listen to birds sing outside your window and sip your morning coffee, you feel sure your day is going to be wonderful. You just closed a major deal the day before and feel confident that you'll be able to repeat yesterday's success. You are blissfully unaware that your day is about to become a nightmare. In less than an hour, your hard disk will crash and you'll lose all your Outlook data.

For those who use Outlook for personal data only, a crash may be merely frustrating. For you, however, it may be downright catastrophic. You could lose your e-mail and calendars, as well as your contacts. How can you prevent having your perfect morning turn into a disaster? Outlook data backup is the key.

Nightly Outlook Data Backup
Fortunately, we have you covered when you rely on Link2Exchange for your hosted Exchange account. We'll perform nightly backups of your Outlook data, ensuring that you never have to experience the nightmarish loss of your information. In fact, we'll backup Outlook data for every user on your account and retain that data for seven days, allowing your entire team or organization to rest easy. In addition, while working in Outlook, Link2Exchange servers record your changes in real-time for instant backup as you work.

Contact us at Link2Exchange to learn about our hosted Exchange plans and regular Outlook backup. Just call us at 888.509.8555 in the United States or 020.8150.6915 in the United Kingdom. International callers can reach us at 00.1.603.742.1959. You can also reach us via e-mail, no matter where you're located.

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