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Email Archiving Plans and Pricing

  Email Archiving     1 Email Address   25 Email Addresses   50 Email Addresses   100 Email Addresses
 Monthly Price                         
$4.95/mo Each
$3.95/mo Each
$3.75/mo Each
$3.50/mo Each

One Time Transfer Fee

(To transfer existing historic data)

$15.00 per Gb
$15.00 per Gb
$15.00 per Gb
$15.00 per Gb

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Email Archiving

Email archiving product demo

The Challenge

The volume of email is skyrocketing, growing by 500% over the last 10 years, which creates storage and operational challenges for data security and system performance.

Add in increased legal and regulatory requirements, and you understand why leading industry analysts believe every organization should archive its email.

As email volume continues to grow exponentially, your email servers are pushed to the limits, resulting in costly downtime and reduced productivity.

The meaning to Email archiving

The Solution

Sonian Email Archiving is the only true cloud email archiving solution that has been built from the ground up with grid computing infrastructure technologies to offer best-of-breed archiving and the most powerful search on the cloud.

Sonian hosts your data (emails, attachments, files, IM, social media) in completely “customer-specific” data silos in our hosted environment to ensure that your data is never mixed with any other customer’s information.

With a hosted email archiving solution like Sonian, you can address a number of IT needs at the same time. Most importantly, it frees up your limited resources, allowing your IT department more time to focus on your business’ strategic initiatives.

Key Features


Use the web-based Admin Console to quickly configure messaging servers, control user access, view reports, and manage the archive.

Platform-agnostic Solution

Sonian’s platform is client-agnostic, meaning that we archive from MS Exchange, Lotus Notes, iNotes, GroupWise, Gmail, Zimbra, Kerio, Rackspace, and many other email clients.

Retention Policies

Enforce customizable retention policies to make sure that no data is lost and to prevent users from deleting any sent or received information.


Use our advanced search capability to retrieve any communications using filters, wildcards, advanced boolean, fuzzy logic, and/or proximity logic operators.

Data Security

We rely on Amazon state-of-the-art worldwide data centers, offering 11 “9s” of resiliency to make sure that your data is available at all times from any location with a 99.99% SLA.

Single Instance Repository

Perform co-mingled search across any content (email, attachments, and files) to ensure maximum performance and data visibility to the end user.

Compliance Discovery

Make sure that you streamline any eDiscovery and regulation compliance request thanks to our FRCP, FINRA, SEC, GLBA, HIPAA, HITEC, SOX solutions.

End User Access

Allow employees to access their personal "My Archive," offering an Outlook-like look and feel, to quickly and accurately retrieve any email, attachment, or file belonging to them.


Build reports based on the archive activity by date, user, UI action, mailbox, and more to review the activity in your archive.

Import / Export

Import legacy data to Sonian Email Archiving service thanks to our intuitive import wizard. Export selected archived data to .pst, .nsf, .eml, .html, .pdf or other formats.

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"What policy should a commercial organization with the ubiquity of emails adopt? The answer: Keep Them!!"

Justice Sackville

"Backup systems are not archiving systems. Do not use archive systems that offer stubbing, this only leads to more troubles down the road. Web-­based interfaces are the best way to access the archive."

Jo Maitland
Forrester Research Analyst

"Litigation is fought on the basis of the documentary record, and the litigant best able to recreate it at the lowest cost carries a valuable advantage into any dispute."


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Key Benefits

  • Every Email stored,searchable,accessible,secure-forever
  • No hardware,software installation or maintainance required
  • Unlimited Storage of emails
  • A true business grade compliance solution to email archiving
  • Focus on core business and forget infrastructure hassles

Service Features

  • Global Administrator extensive search options of all mail over any period.
  • Individual End User search.
  • Archives both internal and external mail securely (AES military strength encryption) to 8 redundant data centers.
  • Supports all major messaging environments, including: Exchange, Notes, GroupWise,IMail, Scalix, and Zimbra.
  • Email accessible as online view, PDF, message download, or PST download.
  • Designed for compliance archiving and e-­Discovery (FINRA,FERPA,FRCP,SOX,SEC & HIPAA).

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